Cutting Edge Technology

Our technology allows us to provide our clients with a global view of their finances. From account balances to electronic storage of your documents, instantly get a complete and real-time picture of your financial life.

Suddenly, you can see where you have concentrations across your various accounts, so you can decide if you own too much, or too little. And with the help of FirstPoint’s advice road-map, insights and alerts, you’re on the road to making better decisions about what to do in the years ahead, so you spend less time digging through financial news and more time focusing on what matters the most.

  • FirstPoint Technology
  • FirstPoint Technology
  • FirstPoint Technology

Our cutting-edge technology provides visibility into all your assets. You gain a holistic view of your complete financial situation, and can use the vantage point to make better decisions about your financial goals. Once you know more, we can help you do more; like getting Financially organized, identifying more opportunities to achieve your goals, and gaining a more meaningful perspective with our unique online tools. We help you see more, know more, and do more.

As a FirstPoint client, you’ll have access to leading financial tools and resources – providing you with the ability to access your accounts from anywhere, from any device, at any time.

Our online vault provides a single source to store all relevant documents, such as wills, trusts and other important documents.

Our client portal allows you to access information on all your accounts, regardless of where they are held – providing a real-time snapshot of your overall portfolio and current financial situation.

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